Quality Assurance

The Issue

How good is your data? Can it be trusted? Should you use the data for a self reporting compliance issue, remedial action or product registration? These questions constantly recur in industry. Use of the wrong method, faulty data or lack of quality control have often been the basis of numbers of enforcement actions, litigation and industrial compliance actions.

Anyone conducting environmental measurement activities under RCRA or CERCLA program requirements must have a quality assurance program to ensure that all data collected are scientifically valid, defensible and of a known precision and accuracy. Similar provisions exist in various forms under FIFRA, TSCA, CWA, SDWA, and CAA programs.

The new approaches in the Clean Water Act for applying Water Quality based effluent discharge limits will render the accurate measurement of analytes even more difficult. Requirement of measurements at the ML, PQL, or MDL for each analyte has the potential for generating questionable results.

Many agencies now require quality assurance programs to be in place for contractors and permittees in accordance with the EPA Order 5360.1.

The increased complexity in the analytical, permitting, and regulatory process are rendering it difficult to obtain reliable results and affirm its quality. In today's regulatory and litigation climate, it is essential to evaluate the quality of the data at issue.

Our Expertise

Princeton-Somerset Group, Inc. assists clients in meeting this critical need, providing quality assurance services that can assure compliance with national, state, and regional quality assurance requirements for environmental projects and permits.

Our quality assurance experience includes substantial state, federal, and industrial involvement in projects, programs, permits, regulatory affairs and litigation. A national expert in quality assurance, we provide our clients with focused, customized service. Our experience includes extensive experience in USEPA in establishing analytical methods and Agency QA programs. Princeton-Somerset can provide a unique breadth of experience in analytical chemistry, toxicology, regulatory affairs, wastewater, stormwater, and hazardous waste engineering.

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